All You Need to Know Before You Engage in Sap License Audit

For most of the businesses out there problems arise when it comes to SAP license audit, you will not face this if you have all the details. Now is the right time for you to make proper preparations and plans that will ensure that your organizations is well prepared and ready to handle the process with ease. Since we have been engaged in various SAP license audits, we have noted some of the main steps and you need to be considering so that you are assured of readiness whenever you are about to carry out the audit.

The first step whenever you are carrying out preparations for SAP license audit is determining exactly the position of your licensure. You will basically need to determine how you can understand the indirect usages, consumptions and the forecast of the users as well as the engine licenses.

Then you need to plan if you will need to kick off a two weeks license management project or else you will not. The details will ensure that you have all the details together and help you bar some of the risks that would end up submerging into. The process entails collecting the contract details of the license for your users and using the information to package all the data needed on the metrics. You will need to consider if you have to bring in the additional SAP users based on what you had planned initially on the business plan or the IT capacity depending if they are direct or indirect users.

The next main thing is that you need to come up with a forecast that will be based on the direct users. The details can help you in the proper optimization of the license details for the direct and indirect users. Check out all the information that is needed in the proper running of your business, this is important in keeping you well focused and terminate all the duplicated users. You will also need to ensure that proper running of stimulation and basically helps on the business plans and see if you have enough licenses for your direct users. For both of your direct and indirect users, you will need to ensure that you check the details that have been considered and other important adjustments that may be needed after studying and analyzing the SAP license status.

Once you have determined all the details you will then need to know if you need to acquire additional licenses or not. Once you have got all the details that you have gathered, it will be very easy for you to make decisions that are well informed and suitable for the running of your business.

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